Reasons to Call a Dedicated Palm Tree Service

Palm trees are a fairly unique fixture in the United States, as they can only grow in remarkably warm areas. They require a special kind of maintenance to ensure they thrive in southern California. Property owners who have palm trees on their properties should check out the list of reasons below to call a Palm Tree Service to make sure they are not neglecting any important aspects of care.

Palm Tree Trimming

It’s important not to trim off the healthy green fronds that palm trees use to gather sun and feed themselves. However, the dead fronds should be trimmed periodically to keep dangerous insects at bay. For instance, scorpions often live in the palm tree’s petioles, so eliminating these unnecessary appendages can help homeowners keep their properties free from pests.

Palm Tree Skinning

Skinning is a term that refers to the trimming of useless frond appendages that are left after trimming is performed on the tree’s trunk. It creates a softer texture on the trunk’s surface and improves its aesthetic appearance, but that’s not the only advantage of palm skinning. It can also remove potentially dangerous insects and reduce the prevalence of rats, which often like to live in the skins of palm trees.

Palm Tree Removal

With adequate care, palm trees can live quite a long time. Unfortunately, though, when they are damaged or simply become too large and stop meeting the landscaping needs of the property owners who purchased them, they sometimes need to be removed. It’s essential to entrust removal of palm trees to a dedicated Palm Tree Service, as not all tree services have experience working with these tropical trees.

Evaluating Potentially Hazardous Trees

Not sure if a palm tree that has been damaged during a storm might form a hazard to a property’s residents or its structures? Contact the professionals at Jose Martinez Tree Service Icn. to schedule an evaluation. These trained and experienced arborists can evaluate the trees for damage and disease and either provide the services needed to keep the trees healthy or remove them should they pose a serious hazard to the property and its residents. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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