Quality Wooden Ceiling Panels From Rulon International

If you are looking for wooden ceiling panels that create a stunning first impression, then you should see what Rulon International has to offer. For decades, Rulon international has provided top-quality wooden panels across the United States. Today, Rulon has expanded to serve a number of residential and commercial clients around the world.

Based in St. Augustine, Florida, Rulon International has served thousands of clients and customers for over three decades. One of the prime specialties of the company is providing top quality wooden panels for all types of ceilings. From a flat ceiling to a vaulted ceiling, Rulon has a wooden panel solution that can accommodate a variety of tastes and budgets.

Rulon can provide a number of different types of wooden ceiling panels
. Some of the wooden panel types available include a linear design that creates a clean smart look. We also have a selection of panel grille types for a clean, more traditional look. Those looking for a more contemporary look can opt for our cube style ceiling panels. We also offer square panels for a more traditional approach. Other wooden panel options include accent beams, aluratone, curvalon, curavtone and more. At Rulon, you are only limited by your imagination.

Along with our wide selection of ceiling panels, we offer the expertise that will help you decide which is right for your commercial or residential project. Rest assured, we only work with sustainable materials. Therefore, your quality wooden ceiling panels will have a minimal impact on the environment. From quality to sustainability, Rulon International is your choice for a top selection ceiling wood panels.

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