Psychological and Physical Benefits of Having a House Constructed by New Home Builders in Pittsburgh

Moving into a new luxury home can have positive effects on one’s physical and emotional well-being. New Home Builders in Pittsburgh help their customers achieve long-held dreams of the type of abode they’d love to live in, which can be very positive psychologically. New homes also don’t include the health-hazardous materials that may still be present in old houses.

No Potentially Hazardous Materials

Home building and improvement materials no longer include asbestos, arsenic or lead. Older houses may still have asbestos in plaster, attic insulation, vinyl and linoleum flooring, and many other places. Arsenic can lurk in the plaster. Until 1978, most homes were painted inside and out with paint containing lead. The lead was also used in residential plumbing pipes.

These materials typically don’t cause problems unless they begin deteriorating or become damaged because that’s the point at which they can move into the general environment in the form of dust or paint flakes. Nevertheless, many individuals would just as soon hire New Home Builders in Pittsburgh instead of taking any chances.

Avoiding Ongoing Repair Projects

An association of realtors found during surveys that a high percentage of people purchasing new homes did so because they were tired of the renovations and repairs required in their previous home. It’s not always the cost of these projects that are bothersome compared with the unexpected aggravation, stress, and inconvenience.

For example, a leak in the roof may not be immediately resolved. It can take a roofer a few attempts to pinpoint where the leak is located because rainwater often travels down the inside of the roof and eventually appears somewhere else on the ceiling or a wall.

Noise Reduction and Energy Efficiency

Newer luxury homes also are quieter because of the higher-quality materials and better insulation. Today’s double-glazed or triple-glazed energy-efficient windows provide substantial noise reduction in addition to reducing expenses on heat and air conditioning.

In addition, modern materials and ventilation system mean there are no drafts from leaky window frames, and no hot or cold spots anywhere in a house built by a contractor such as Londonbury Homes. Contact us today to get started on that dream house.

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