Protecting Your Oriental Rug from Pet Stains

by | May 29, 2014 | Home and Garden

A large oriental rug is also a large investment. You can spend thousands on the perfect rug, especially if it’s imported or designed using specialized weaving techniques or dyes. Most people don’t think that their new rug will undergo any major damage, but pets have a way of getting things dirty even when you take preventative measures. When you have pets and an oriental rug in the same house, you need to protect the rug from stains, tears, snags, and a buildup of pet dander.

Arrange for Regular Cleanings

One way to protect your rug is to arrange for regular oriental rug cleaning. Cypress, TX oriental rug cleaners can use the right methods to clean your oriental carpets and may be able to provide a protective sealant over your rug that makes it easier to remove pet stains should an accident occur. Regular cleanings will also remove pet dander and smells so that the rug remains fresh and doesn’t become bogged down with pet hair.

Keep Pets Away From the Rug

Keeping pets away from the rug is often easier said than done. If the rug is in a central room that everyone, including the family pets, has access to it is virtually impossible to keep pet dander off the rug. However, you can keep doors shut when the room isn’t in use and ensure that your pet is never left alone in the room. If you have a puppy or other young animal that’s potty training, purchasing a protective covering may be your only option to prevent accidents. Companies that specialize in oriental rug cleaning in Cypress, TX can recommend the best temporary ways to cover your oriental rug and avoid damage.

Always Spot Clean Right Away

Realistically, if you have a pet in the home there’s a good chance an accident can occur. To protect your rugs, always spot clean the area right away using a formula specially designed for oriental rugs. Pet accidents left for too long on a rug or carpet can lead to color running or fading because of the acidity. Speak with an oriental rug cleaning professional in Cypress, TX who can recommend the best spot cleaning solutions and methods to help protect your oriental rug.

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