Preventing Fire Damage by Inspecting the Electrical Wiring in Porterville, CA

by | May 21, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

A fire is one of the worst fears of many homeowners. The interior of the home can become a very confusing place when filled with smoke. It can be difficult to even recognize the things you see everyday when you try to escape. Thus, it is important to recognize the potential for fire in your home in Porterville, CA.

There are many things that can cause Fire Damage Porterville CA. The first one is one of the least obvious. Many fires are started in a home’s outdated electrical system. Wires in the home can easily become damaged from a number of things.

Rodents that invade homes will chew the wires. This causes them to lose their protective sheathing. An exposed wire can cause a spark that ignites in the attic or in the walls. Oftentimes, you won’t know that it has happened until it is too late. After the rodents have been exterminated, call an electrician to check out any damage that might have occurred.

Worn wires can also cause problems. Over time, wires can rub against sharp edges and lose their plastic coating. Like with the rodents, it doesn’t take much after that to start a fire. If you have an old system or haven’t got it checked in awhile, you should get an electrical evaluation immediately.

Some of the Fire Damage Porterville CA is the direct result of the actions of the homeowners. Things like overloading an outlet can result in a fire. Ignoring a plugged in safety heater is also a recipe for disaster. Using equipment with frayed wiring is a fire hazard. Each of these situations can be avoided with a quick physical check and making sure to unplug things when they are not in use. This will help prevent an overload to the electrical system.

While it is important to check things like your smoke detectors on a regular basis, you also need to have your wiring checked. This should be done the moment you suspect any damage to the wiring from rodents or wear and tear. Old wiring should be replaced as soon as possible. Finally, pay attention to what you are plugging in to avoid any fire damage to your home.

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