Preventative Heating And Cooling Repair near Palatine

Improperly functioning heating and cooling systems can cause an increase of up to 25 percent in annual residential electricity and heating fuel costs. In addition to driving up the cost of operation, continued use of malfunctioning systems may lead to irreparable damage, and ultimately replacement, of the entire climate control system.

While a number of problems can occur with central heating and cooling systems, some complications are seen more often than others. The most common occurrence with an air conditioning system is low refrigerant. This is usually caused by a leak or a faulty connection. Indications of low refrigerant include the system running constantly but failing to cool the home and frozen coils.

For central heating systems, the most commonly reported problem is no response when trying to activate the system. In most cases, this type of malfunction is either due to an electrical problem or a pilot light fault. Situations involving the pilot light in a fuel operated system can be especially serious as this could be a sign of problems with the gas flow. If the system seems to be working but is failing to adequately produce heat, the issue may lie in the duct work rather than the unit itself.

In order to avoid costly repairs and discomfort during extreme temperatures, routine yearly inspections and preventative maintenance is recommended for all heating and cooling systems. The cost of replacing a damaged heating or cooling unit generally ranges between $2,000 and $5,000 dollars, depending on the size of the system. Extensive repairs can cost up to $1,500 dollars. In contrast, yearly inspections generally amount to about $150.

Some heating and cooling repair services offer reduced rates for inspections during off-peak seasons; furthermore, having the system inspected and repaired during milder seasons will help to avoid loss of heating or air conditioning when most needed. Off-peak seasons vary slightly, depending on the region in question. Services offering cooling repair Henderson recommend having air conditioning systems inspected during mid Spring, based on the normal climate in that specific area. Heating and cooling repair near Palatine providers suggest inspections of heating systems during late Autumn.

By having these inspections performed on a yearly basis and making necessary repairs as the need arises, homeowners can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in replacement expenses. Doing so will also reduce the cost of electricity by an average of $300 per year.

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