Preparing a Home and Yard for Siding Installation in Indianapolis

by | May 30, 2017 | Home Improvement

New siding will instantly brighten a home and make it look tidier and better maintained. The investment is not just about appearance because siding also provides protection to the structure from the elements and can even help to lower heating and cooling bills. A professional Siding Installation in Indianapolis will move along quickly but will take a few days or longer depending on the size of the home. Whether or not they are removing old siding, adding more insulation or performing other work will also change the time schedule as well. All homeowners can assist the contractors and shorten the amount of time they need by making certain the home, and the yard are ready for their arrival.

  • Tie back or brace any shrubs, bushes or other landscaping away from home. Try to create enough room for their ladders and equipment and for them to comfortably walk around the perimeter of the home.
  • Cover any flowers that could be damaged during the installation.
  • Remove decorative landscaping items, outdoor furnishings or toys that may be in the way. Clear out the items by the home as well as any tripping hazards along the path the installation experts will use.
  • Remove exterior light fixtures, gutters and downspouts and any signs or house numbers that are mounted where siding is to be installed. Window shutters and any other decorative items will also need to be removed.
  • Tighten loose boards and trim and remove and replace any rotted materials. Some installers may include this step in their estimate. Be certain to review the contract carefully before proceeding.

Following a Siding Installation in Indianapolis, the homeowner can discuss with their contractor the best care and maintenance practices that will help their home to look its best for many years. Most siding is manufactured to last 20 or more years and with proper care can stay looking great for even longer. The most important tips will include keeping the siding washed and repaired any dents or scratches that happen over time. Contact Amos Exteriors Inc to learn more about siding and to get a free home inspection and installation estimate.

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