Pest Control in Irvine – DIY Vs Professional Service

by | Aug 20, 2012 | Home Improvement

Pest infestation is a common thing. It is not unusual to find ants, birds, rats, cockroaches and termites sharing home space with owners. However, these pests can be dangerous. Pests like termites can weaken the structural stability of your home, while cockroaches and rats can spread diseases. Getting rid of them completely is the only way to be safe in your home. There are two ways of enforcing pest control in Irvine homes. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional service.

Call it the effect of economic downturn or an enhanced feeling of self confidence, homeowners these days prefer doing most of the things on their own. From pressure washing the car and repairing minor damages in the home to pest control, DIY definitely is the current buzz. The best thing about DIY is that it saves you a good amount of money. As you continue undertaking the task repeatedly, you might even gain some amount of expertise in it. However, there are several factors which might not work in your favor. Below given are some important considerations.

Health considerations for pest control are very important. Since strong toxic chemicals are used in the process of extermination, it is crucial to adopt the right method of pest treatment and protect yourself adequately so that you do not end up breathing in the toxic fumes. Inexperience can prove expensive in this regard.

Professional expertise
The technical expertise of professional exterminators is definitely more than that of homeowners. Although you can learn about the various methods from DIY manuals, you lack the value of experience. Professional exterminators learn this with every home they treat. They understand the little nuances which amateurs don’t understand. Also, since it is their profession, they keep in touch with the latest advancements in pest control technology and can get rid of pests more effectively.

Long term considerations and cost
Homes which are treated by professionals tend to stay pest free for longer. When you do it yourself, you might not be able to locate all places where infestation exists. This is especially true when you are dealing with termites because they tend to live under the surface and are tough to spot. Professionals, with their methods, do a more thorough job of identifying infested spots. In the long term, professional services turn out to be cheaper because the effects are longer and the work is more thorough.

Time factor
A planned weekend pest control drive for your Irvine home might have to be cancelled if some emergency comes up. However, pests don’t wait for your emergency to subside before causing further damage. The more you delay, the greater will be the damage caused. Moreover, think of all the fun times you can spend with your family instead of going around chasing pests.

All factors considered, professionals are a better choice for something as risky as pest control. However, you need to check out the credibility, experience and expertise of the company before hiring one.

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