Options to Consider With a Shower Door Replacement in Houston TX

by | Feb 7, 2022 | Remodeling

Now that the homeowner has taken care of a few other obligations, now is a good time to update the master bathroom. That includes doing something about the shower door. When considering options for the Shower Door Replacement in Houston TX, keep these ideas in mind.

Choosing the Glass

What sort of glass would be right for the shower door replacement in Houston TX? Outside of the need to use glass that is sturdy and will hold up well as the years pass, the look is really up to the individual. Some people like clear glass that allows the maximum amount of light into the shower stall. Others prefer frosted glass that provides privacy while also allowing a reasonable amount of natural light into the space. There are those who love the idea of mirrored shower doors since they can make the bathroom look a little larger. These and other approaches can be considered in turn until the right solution is found.

Hinged or Sliding Doors?

The matter of choosing hinged or sliding shower doors depends a lot on the amount of space in the bathroom. Larger areas will mean that there is plenty of space to swing the doors outward when emerging from the shower, or to even leave them open when the shower is not in use. A bathroom with a lot of floor space, tall ceilings, and a lot of natural light can easily accommodate this type of shower door.

Smaller bathrooms may mean utilizing sliding doors instead. They do not take up any space when in the open position, making it easier for someone to emerge from the shower without running into whoever may be at the basin brushing the teeth.

There are plenty of other points to ponder before selecting a new shower door. Visit Mr. Glass & Mirror LLC today and take a look at some of the different designs available and talk with a professional about the pros and cons of any designs that are to the customer’s liking. With a little time and attention to detail, it is possible to settle on a door design that is perfect for the space and will last for many years to come.

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