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by | Oct 15, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Where choosing a heating system for a home is concerned, there are many available options. Fuel can come from oil, propane, natural gas, wood, electricity, solar energy or steam, and heating can come from a portable or whole-house unit. In this article, readers can learn more about their options in Home Heating Services Fort Collins CO.

* Forced air systems heat air in a central location and distribute it throughout the home with ductwork. These systems can use any of the fuel sources mentioned above, and they can also be used for summertime cooling. However, these systems take up a significant amount of space and they can cause issues for those with allergies.

* Radiant home heaters are another popular choice. With this type of heating unit, water is heated by a boiler and then passed through tubes hidden in the walls and floor, or through radiators to disperse heat throughout the room. As in a forced air system, a boiler can be fueled by oil, electricity, natural gas or propane. However, a boiler takes longer to fully heat and the system cannot be used for cooling.

* Baseboard home heating units mean that there’s no need for a boiler or a furnace. These systems run along the bottom of the wall near the floor. Like radiant heating systems that need radiators mounted on the floor, some people may not like these systems for aesthetic reasons.

When a homeowner is deciding which type of home heating system to buy, they should consider the availability of space for ductwork, a boiler or a furnace in baseboards and walls. Then, they should evaluate various combinations of fuel sources and delivery systems to see which will best suit the home and their needs. Depending on the home’s construction and the availability of space, a homeowner’s options may be limited. Advanced Comfort can help the homeowner make the right choice.

Today’s homeowners have numerous options in Home Heating Services Fort Collins CO. Depending on the home’s location and the availability of various options, a homeowner’s choice is likely to come down to safety, efficiency and cost when they’re making the final decision. Visit website for more info.

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