Mistakes To Avoid In Cleaning Colorado Epoxy Flooring

Adding a professional grade epoxy floor to a Colorado residential garage is a simple way to keep your garage looking terrific, even with heavy use. This is an easy to care for type of flooring, but there are some mistakes that can be easy to make which may dull or damage the surface of the flooring over time.

To help homeowners to avoid these common issues, let’s take a closer look at common mistakes and how to correctly address them.

Leaving Dirt and Grit on the Floor

While a professionally-installed epoxy floor is extremely durable, leaving dirt and grit on the floor increase the risk of small scratches in the epoxy. Dirt can be easily tracked in on vehicle tires, shoes or other equipment moved in and out of the garage.

Rather than leave the dirt to grind into the surface, simply use a broom or a leaf blower to remove it from the surface. This can be done as needed and helps to maximize the shine on the flooring.

Using Commercial and Abrasive Cleaners

Cleaning an epoxy floor can be done with clean water if all that needs to be removed is dirt and dust. If there are more significant cleaning needs, be careful to avoid any types of commercial cleaning products that have abrasives or that have harsh chemicals, bleaches or acids.

Instead, use a commercially available pH neutral cleaning product. These are sold in most grocery stores and hardware stores and should indicate they are pH neutral on the label.

If you have any questions about a specific cleaning product, call the Colorado professionals who installed the epoxy flooring. They can recommend a specific type and brand of cleaner that is safe for cleaning spots or the entire floor.

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