Methods of Fire Suppression in Houston, TX

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Security System Supplier

There are many different ways to put out a fire. If you are looking to put out a fire in your kitchen, you’ll have different considerations than putting out a fire in a library. Alternatively, if you have sensitive documents or computers at a business, you probably don’t want a sprinkler system. You probably want a chemical fire suppression system. These systems are made of from different chemicals that serve different purposes.

Mode of Operation

A fire requires oxygen, fuel, heat, and a chemical reaction to start. If you manage to remove any of those components, you can kill a fire. A system of fire suppression in Houston, TX usually uses one of these different methods depending on the type of fire and the location of the fire. For example, water works to put out a fire because it is great at absorbing heat. It steals the heat from a fire thus making the fire go out. If you are looking for a simple system, you can choose sprinklers. However, sprinklers will damage computers and paper products. On the other hand, a chemical system can work by removing oxygen from a room.

Some of the chemical systems sold by ESI Fire & Security Protection involve a chemical that binds to oxygen which will rob the fire of oxygen and kill the fire.

Other Options

You cannot put out a fire by removing the fuel. But a fire can put be out if you disrupt the chemical reaction. Fire excites electrons in fuel and causes it to burn. That chemical reaction can be disrupted by different kinds of fire suppression systems. There are typically five or six categories of fires based on the type of fuel they burn. You need to work with a great team to determine which fires you will likely face and how to best extinguish them.

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