Making Decisions About Carpeting in Longmont, CO

While there are a lot of things the new owner likes about the house, the old shag carpeting is not one of them. While it looked great decades ago, it leaves a lot to be desired these days. Before moving into the home, it pays to have a professional rip up the old carpet and padding and replace it with new Carpeting in Longmont CO. Here are some of the decisions that must be made as part of the replacement project.

Settling on a Style

It is a given that the owner does not want to replace the old shag carpeting with the same style. Instead, something more tailored and simple is in order. A professional can help the client consider different piles and weaves for the space. A sculpted look may be fine, or the client might prefer something with a uniform pile. Comparing some samples side by side will make it easier to determine which style of Carpeting in Longmont CO, would fit the tastes of the client.

How About the Color?

Since carpeting can be expensive, it makes sense to choose a color that the client will not grow tired of for at least a decade. Depending on the individual tastes, opting for a color that is more neutral may be in order. For example, wheat-colored carpeting will work fine with all sorts of colors, making it easy to change the look of the room by opting for new window treatments of furniture with a different color of upholstery. The neutral shade of the wall-to-wall carpeting will also make it easy to spice up the look of the floors by making use of area rugs.

The Cost Per Square Foot

Paying close attention to the cost of the new carpeting is also important. Start by comparing the cost per square foot for at least two or three carpeting options that the owner likes. Assuming the quality is similar for all three choices, it makes sense to go with the less expensive one. Remember, there will still be a charge for the installation.

For help with finding the right carpeting, visit Website and check out some of the resources provided. It will not take long to find the right option and arrange for the installation.

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