Janitors vs. Cleaning Services

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Cleaning

You may be researching janitorial services in Phoenix, AZ to help you with your commercial cleaning needs. If this is the case, you may also be wondering whether to hire an outside cleaning service or an in house janitor. This article discusses some and the pros and cons between hiring a janitor and an outside cleaning service.

Cleaning Services
An outside cleaning service can be beneficial to any business which is too busy to deal with these cleaning tasks in house. A cleaning service will normally be required to clean your specific office or retail area as per a service agreement.  As a contractor, the cleaning service will assign a crew to your facility and typically arrive after hours to perform all of their cleaning tasks. The scope of work and frequency will be determined based on your budget as outlined in the service agreement. The cleaning service will typically be responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all cleaning supplies and equipment, vehicle maintenance and insurance.

An in house janitor is typically an employee who is hired to come in during the day to perform janitorial and maintenance tasks. As an employee, they are the company’s payroll and will be entitled to any employee benefits the company offers to its employees.   In addition to paying wages and any benefits, the hiring company would also be responsible for the workers’ compensation insurance, ongoing training for that person, all cleaning supplies and equipment and the maintenance of that equipment.   They would so be responsible for the same cleaning tasks as the outside service including window cleaning, floor maintenance and carpet cleaning.  If anything is damaged during the cleaning process, it would be at the expense of the hiring company. Janitors often work during business hours which can cause an inconvenience to employees as well as a major distraction.

Which One to Choose?
Choosing between a janitor and an outside cleaning service can be a difficult choice to make and often comes down to the economics. Square Feat provides janitorial services in Phoenix and surrounding areas. They have a professional trained staff that provides all regular janitorial duties including dusting, trash removal, vacuuming, telephone cleaning, rest room cleaning, and other specialized services. These include floor maintenance, carpet cleaning services, window cleaning and more.

Square Feat provides high quality janitorial services in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding cities. Visit their website to learn more about their services and to get a no obligation quote.  You may find that you can actually save money and much hassle versus hiring an in house janitor to clean your facility.

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