Italian Pottery Adds Sophistication to Your Garden Space

The Italian garden is known for its astounding beauty and unique air of elegance. You can effortlessly duplicate the look of an Italian garden right at your home with the help of today’s leading garden design center. Eye of the Day Garden Design Center offers a broad range of pottery that can add a beautiful Italian fingerprint to your property.

Classic Pottery
For a more traditional look dating back centuries, you can choose from a collection of classic pottery available. Terrecotte San Rocco pottery is particularly popular due to its charming appearance and authenticity. This Italian pottery is formed from Galestro clay, which continues to charm garden lovers. It is actually considered to be the best type of clay around the world because of its unique mechanical strength. This makes it a top choice in cold regions. Galestro clay pots are actually a staple in the world’s most important gardens.

Ornate Pottery
For a look featuring distinct designs, ornate pottery is an idea choice for your Italian garden. Ornate pottery includes details and designs that mirror those that were popular during the Etruscan period centuries ago. This type of pottery may be hand-painted or hand-glazed, thus adding an even more custom and personalized touch. For instance, you may be interested in a pot that is hand-painted with poppies. Texture-wise, you may opt for either a ribbed planter or a planter with a smoother surface. The Galestro clay in these pots makes them frost-resistant. They can hold up even at minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Contemporary Pottery
If you want your Italian garden to have more of a modern appeal, then contemporary terracotta pottery can be a wise addition to your garden or landscape. The shapes offered with this type of Italian pottery are creative and conducive to a truly unique design. The color and quality of these pots can further help to make your garden stand out. Eye of the Day offers these types of handmade pots in various sizes in addition to offering custom finishes as well. With the our help, you can create the Italian garden you’ve always wanted.

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