How to Select A Plumber in Carlisle PA

by | Oct 31, 2012 | Plumbing

The best time to find a plumber in Carlisle PA is long before you actually need one. Unfortunately, most people never think about having the name of a plumber in their personal directory until it’s too late.

Plumbers are in great demand as every building has a maze of pipes running through it to carry water and waste. A plumber in Carlisle PA is called upon for new installations, extensions to existing installations, service and repair.

To most people plumbing is something they would prefer not to handle themselves other than for a simple plugged drain or dripping faucet. There are many variables and specialty tools that are used and there can be ramifications and repercussions if an error is made. To make sure you have a good plumber at your disposal, there are a few ways to go about it.

1) As is true with most things, a personal recommendation is best. Ask friends, family and neighbors if they have had any experiences and see if they can give you the names of a plumber in Carlisle PA that they have had good results with.

2) If you can’t get names from acquaintances try calling a building contractor. Builders and building contractors have many dealings with plumbers and will have formed their opinion on who is good and who is not, they will know the quality of their work and perhaps, even their rates and competitiveness.

3) If you have just recently purchased your home and are new to the neighborhood, ask the real estate agent that you worked with when you bought your home. They usually have a list and can recommend a good plumber in Carlisle PA as well as other trades such as electricians.

4) When you first call a plumber be wary if the call is taken by an answering machine or a child. This will probably mean that the plumber in Carlisle PA is working from his home. A plumber who has been in business for some time and is well established will have a place of business and a receptionist to answer the phone.

5) During your conversation with the plumber make sure you get his license details and the insurance coverage he maintains. This is important should there be any problems with the service.

6) Contact the local Better Business Bureau and find out if there are any unanswered complaints about the plumber in Carlisle PA that you are considering.

7) Before you start the project, whether it is a repair or new work, get a price quotation from the plumber in Carlisle PA. If the problem is behind a closed wall or surface it may not be possible for the plumber to give you an accurate price but he can give you a worst case scenario price.



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