How to Maintain Air Conditioning Systems In Ocean View, DE

Your air conditioner is an important part of keeping your home cool and comfortable during hot weather. To keep your system running efficiently, proper care and maintenance is required. Inspections and cleaning of system parts can keep your system running for many years. Most of your system is sealed and should stay that way. If repairs are needed inside the unit, you should call a professional for assistance. However, there are things you can do to ensure cool running Air Conditioning Systems In Ocean View, DE.

To maintain your cooling system properly, you should have it checked by a professional one month prior to the cooling season. The technician will replace the filter and clean the coils. They will also apply any lubricants that are needed and treat the drain pan to prevent bacterial growth. They will also check and fill any refrigerant. They can also rust proof the outside unit for you. During this time, they will check for any issues that may have developed. These issues can be repaired before the hot weather and before they become worse. This alone can help keep Air Conditioning Systems In Ocean View, DE running longer and more efficiently all season long.

Your system has a filter that needs to be checked every 30 days. Depending on the type of filter, it may need replaced this often, as well. Even with higher quality filters that last longer than 30 days, pets and excessive dirt in the air may require them to be changed more often. Checking your filter at least every 30 days will ensure a clean filter is being used. The condenser unit is the part located outside the home. This should be checked regularly, as well. Any weeds or shrubs should be kept clear from this unit. The thin fins of the condenser can also gather dirt and dust. These should be cleaned as well; using a brush is recommended over a garden hose. The water can turn dirt into mud, compacting it tighter in the fins.

By keeping up with regular cleaning and filter changes, it can assist in keeping your system running more efficiently. Opening and repairing parts yourself can cause costly damage. It can also nullify any warranty you may have on the unit. If problems are noticed, you should contact a technician. They are capable of identifying problems and correcting them quickly.

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