How to Choose Timber Frame Plans in Georgia

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Building a home is a stressful endeavor. You want to make sure that you choose a Cabin Creek Timber Frames Georgia that will fit your lifestyle so you can rest assured that you will be happy with it for years to come. Don’t let poor planning cause you to make a choice that you don’t like. Make sure you take the time to plan out what you want so you can have your dream home. Before you consider building a home, make sure you take the time plan out everything you might like. Here are three things you should consider before you get serious about building your dream home.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

One of the most important things to do when looking at Timber Frame Plans Georgia is to decide the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you want. This will dictate the overall square footage and will have an impact on the total price you end up paying for your home. You should make sure you consider the need for a guest room, and any rooms for kids that you may need now or in the future.


If you are looking to have a house with modern amenities, then you should consider this before building. Items such as central vacuums, stereo systems and smart home systems can add convenience to your home, but can be expensive to install after construction. By discussing these desires with the builder you can plan for these upgrades during construction and save yourself money. Make sure you consider any additional upgrades you may want before you agree to have your home built.

Quality of Finishes

One of the most important things to consider when looking to build a house is the quality of the finishes that you want in the home. This includes items such as flooring choices, countertops and windows. While upgrades do make your home more saleable in the future, they can give the final price tag a big hike.

Make sure you make a smart choice and get your home the way you want it. Consider all of the options available to you when looking at Timber Frame Plans Georgia.




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