How to Add Privacy to your Back Yard

by | May 5, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Your backyard should be a safe and quiet haven where you can sit back and relax in privacy. If you find you are feeling too exposed to the neighbors here are few tricks to add privacy without taking away form the beauty of your property.

Plant Some Hedges
You can consider adding some privacy hedges to provide shade as well as a lovely cooling effect. You can sit and relax without feeling you are being blocked by a massive unwanted fence or wall. You can also create pleasant privacy walls using large planters or using lattice and ivy. Natural walls such as these are eco friendly, look lovely and can even help reduce the temperature of your backyard. Check local zoning laws just in case there are rules about the height of structures or plants in your neighborhood.

Metal Awnings
If you feel you are too open to the neighbor’s second floor windows you can add metal awnings New Jersey home owners enjoy over your main seating area. You will not only provide more privacy but more shade as well. If this seems too permanent and you want the option to still be able to enjoy the sun you can look at installing retractable awnings that can be retracted when you wish and open when you want more privacy.

Weather Resistant Fabric
There are a number of outdoor fabric decorative items you can purchase to help add privacy to existing structures such as gazebos and pergolas. You can add charming curtains that can be closed to block out the sun, cut down on insects and offer much needed privacy. You can also affix fabric to the top of a pergola to keep things more intimate. There are easy to assemble fabric gazebos and tents you can purchase or better yet have custom designed canopies to suit your needs.

As you can see there are many options that will not only offer you much needed privacy but also help add interest and focal points to your yard. You can work with what you already have by adding enhancements such as metal awnings New Jersey home owners love, add some landscaping such as hedges or look at easy fixes using outdoor fabrics.

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