How Do You Judge Quality In Hand Dryers?

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Electric hand dryers that blow warm, but not too hot, air over the surfaces of wet hands have a somewhat box like mundane appearance that is hardly what one might associate with quality. It is probably this slightly industrial look that plays a large part in our liking to see electric hand dryers in public places but rarely even think about having one of them installed at our home.

However, if you are in any way involved with managing public or workplace restrooms the quality of what is inside your hand dryers will be important to you. The people passing through your restroom will soon start complaining if there is no way for them to dry their hands after they have washed them.

The Electrics

An important quality point to remember is that much of the world outside of America does not use the same standard for power supply as we do here in the States. If a hand dryer is manufactured abroad, then you need to make sure that its electrical system is compatible with the power supply to your restroom in the US (otherwise, it will either refuse to start or will not function properly).

Also, remember that, every time the dryer is operated, several things have to happen:-

* a thermostatically controlled electrical heating element has to bring the restroom air to the required temperature.
* the air has to be sucked in cold and blown out warm. Electric blowers usually do this and these will be powered by electric motor(s).

And please do not forget that electrical equipment should always be grounded. People with wet hands are walking up to your hand dryers and maybe touching them at some point – wet hands and an ungrounded appliance make something of a recipe for compensation claims down the line.

Hence the importance placed on quality and reliability of these electrical components. Unfortunately, when you purchase any brand of hand dryer you cannot see these important components so you have to place your trust in the Quality Of Hand Dryers based upon the reputation of any particular manufacturer.

Other Factors In Quality Hand Dryers

Things that you can easily check to judge a hand dryer’s quality relate to its output and running costs. What is the temperature of the output air and how long does it take to reach that level? How much electricity does it consume when in operation? Makers of Quality Hand Dryers will readily disclose this information.

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