Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a Facelift with Cabinet Re-facing

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

When considering changing the look of your kitchen, most people immediately think of gutting the whole space. However, if you are looking to freshen up old and worn out cabinets for a more updated look it is wise to consider cabinet re-facing. This is an economical and efficient way to make your old cabinets look like new at a fraction of typical remodelling costs. This method of remodelling your space is typically the most inexpensive route as it allows you to retain the existing layout of your space and achieving a brand new look by updating the superficial components for a unique look.

Homeowner Advantages of Cabinet Re-Facing:

  • Get the Look of a Brand New Kitchen at a Fraction of the Cost
  • Work Can Be Completed in 3-5 Days
  • Increases the Value of Your Home
  • Minimal Dust and Debris
  • You Can Still Use Your Kitchen During Renovation

Free Up Space in Your Budget for Added Features

This is accomplished by preserving the existing cabinet boxes and adding new features like doors, drawer fronts, and hardware. By working with professional installers to re-face your existing cabinets you afford yourself the opportunity to even add more to your kitchen. With the money you save from re-facing instead of remodelling it is possible to add new elements. A kitchen island or additional cabinets are functional and performance enhancing features that can generate significant increase in the value of your entire home.

Revamping Your Kitchen with Re-faced Cabinets

Cabinet re-facing is accomplished in four easy steps, a consultation, removal, re-facing, and replacing. When you are in need of a kitchen remodel in Peachtree City area, don’t forget to enlist the help of professionals like those found at Cabinet Transformations. Work with their design consultants, and create the look that best reflects your unique style at an affordable price.

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