Furnace fixes you can do

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

If your furnace fails, there are a few simple things you can do before calling for professional Furnace Repair in Westchester. You may find that you can identify and fix the problem yourself, and the bonus is, you do not have to pay the emergency call-out fee.

A furnace is a good friend when it’s working, it can be your worst enemy when it fails. The pros who do furnace repair in Westchester are the first to admit that at least 25% of the emergency call-outs they get could have been avoided.

Check the thermostat:
Before you make the assumption that your furnace has failed, check the thermostat. The thermostat is that box on the wall that tells the furnace what to do; turn on and turn off. Programmable thermostats can be quite daunting, but have a look for the following:

Is it switched to heat and not cool?
Compare the temperature setting on the thermostat to the actual temperature in the room. Increase the temperature on the thermostat five degrees higher than the room temperature and listen for the furnace to turn on.

Make sure the display is correct; day, time, am or pm, these settings are important.

Check the battery. If you have recently suffered a power failure, a dead battery in the thermostat will force the unit to reset to the factory settings.

Open the cover of the thermostat and gently blow any dust from the interior, check to see that it is level and that all the wires are connected.

Check the breakers and switches:
Every furnace will have an on/off switch somewhere, usually close to the unit. Check and make sure the furnace was not turned off accidently. Also check the circuit breaker or fuse to the furnace electrics.

Check the filters:
A filter that is so clogged that no air can pass through it will cause the furnace to shut down automatically. The heat exchanger overheats and shuts off. If the blower motor is running but there is no evidence of air coming from any of the vents, it is a clogged filter. If the filter can be cleaned, then clean it, otherwise install a replacement.

Check the gas:
If there could have been an accidental turning off of the power, there is also the possibility that the gas valve was accidently turned off. Trace the gas line back in the direction of the meter, when you locate the valve, confirm that it is on or off. If the gas was shut off, there may be a need to re-light the pilot.

Check the flue:
Often, the warmth of the chimney will draw birds, which will nest in the chimney flue. Dismantle the exit duct and check for debris, if you see evidence of birds, you may have to get a sweep to get rid of them.

These are just a few of things that a technician who performs Furnace Repair in Westchester will do, you may as well do them first on the chance that you identify the problem yourself.


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