Four Tips for Recycling in Long Island NY

by | Dec 7, 2012 | Waste Management

With more and more people being eco-conscious, recycling has become a major concern. Recycling in Long Island NY is no exception. If you want to know how you can contribute to conservation and a cleaner environment, here are some recycling tips that you can put to use today.

Think Small
One of the best recycling tips that you should remember as a beginner is to start small. Many people get discouraged about recycling and give it up altogether because they try to do everything right away. Instead, you should start with one thing. Get a separate waste can that you can use for cans and bottles. Create a compost pile in your garden. Start a stack of newspapers that you can take to the recycling place every so often. Once you get comfortable in one area, you can expand into other ways of recycling.

Know Your Area’s Recycling Services
There are many local areas that offer recycling services for its residents. Some areas offer a separate bin for your recyclables and they will pick up that bin on a regular basis. Other areas might simply have a few days throughout the year when you can bring your recyclables to a certain place. By knowing what your area offers, you can have a better strategy for recycling those things around your house.

Opt Out of Junk Mail
Do you get more junk mail than you care to receive? Much of the materials used in junk mail can be recycled. You can cut out a step by opting out of mailing lists that are designed to send junk mail. That will help you save the time it takes to sort through it for recycling and it saves the resources needed to generate the junk mail in the first place.

Learn to Reuse
Recycling doesn’t just mean throwing an item in a bin and taking it to the recycling center. You can do some recycling in Long Island NY without ever leaving your home. Look for ways to reuse items that you would otherwise throw in the trash can. For instance, instead of using your paper towels to wipe up a couple drops of milk, set it aside to dry and use it again later to wipe up another mess. Or better yet, use a kitchen towel instead of a paper towel to cut down on the waste. Be creative when it comes to reusing things and you’ll notice a significant reduction in the amount of trash your household produces.

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