Five Tips to Finding a Pool Builder in Houston

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Swimming Pool

Building a pool is a big decision to make that involves a lot of money and a lot of time. This is not a project you want to take lightly and you want to be sure to pick a Pool Builder Houston you are comfortable working with. The following are five tips to finding the perfect Pool Builder Houston.

Do Your Research: Ask friends and family who have installed pools about what pool contractor they used and if they would recommend them to someone else. Contact your local chamber of commerce, or even the better business bureau, and request names of respected pool builders in your area. Also, look for builders online, visit their websites, read their customer testimonials, and ask your local pool supply stores if there are builders they work with regularly and recommend.

Credentials: Make a short list of builders you are interested in after completing your research. Once you have narrowed down the list, request information from the Better Business Bureau on each of the prospective builders. Find out which companies have a good record and that each company is licensed to do business. If you find out that a company is not licensed or registered, then that is a good indication to remove them from contention.

Meet and Greet: Schedule an appointment to meet with each company that is still on your list. Use this meeting to ask them any questions you still have about their company and process and ask for them to give you details about how your project would work. After giving them details about your pool and project, they can complete a quote.

Negotiate: Instead of going with the first company that offers you a good price, have each company submit a bid on your project. Let them know you are collecting bids from different builders, as this will entice them to give you the best deal.

Don’t Rush: Ensure that you are making the right decision and picking the best builder for your project by taking your time and not rushing to make a choice. This is a big investment and you should take the extra time to get it right.



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