Five Reasons to Replace Your Milgard Windows

Faulty windows can have a more negative impact on your home and finances than you think. If you encounter any of the following signs, that means it’s time to start shopping for a replacement. No matter how well made your windows are, you’ll need to replace them. The only question is: will you replace them sooner or much, much later?


Is the room drafty? That could indicate air leaks around your windows. That’s a sign. You’re better off buying new Milgard windows in Kennewick, WA,instead of spending money on repairs. That’s simply throwing money out the window.


How long has it been since you replaced your windows? Are they more than a decade or two? Your windows may already be outdated. Consider installing upgrades to those outdated windows.


If you can’t close or open the windows fully, that could be why your AC bills are so high. Air leaks around your window will force your AC system to work harder in cooling the room. That’s another reason you should toss your windows for new ones.

Security Risk

A window that you can’t completely close is a potential security risk. A burglar may take advantage by using that to gain access to your home. Don’t let that happen. Always check your windows for security risks and problems. Have a replacement window installed right away to prevent burglars or thieves.

Too Hot

How hot is your room during summer? If you can’t open your windows any longer, those closed windows will make you feel like you’re being boiled alive in your room. Consider windows that keep the heat out. Some window designs are more energy efficient, too, so consider those options. Look at energy efficiency ratings. Find windows that boost ventilation in your room. That will also help improve your room conditions. Whether you’re building a new home or replacing existing windows, the team of Milgard Certified Dealers at Perfection Glass can advise you in the window selection process.

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