Fast, Reliable and Humane Squirrel Removal in Connecticut

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Pest Control

While squirrels can provide a lot of enjoyment as one watches them go about their lives in the park, they aren’t so cute and endearing when they decide to take up residence in your house. The creatures seek the same things that many animals want, such as a warm, dry place to nest, and a source of food. Sometimes an exploring squirrel decides that a house attic fits this bill quite nicely. However, squirrels don’t make the best house guests, as they tend to create messes, and can even chew into electrical wires. The risks from disease, destroyed wood and electrical fires are too great to allow these critters to stay for an extended period of time. Squirrel Removal Connecticut services are available to retrieve the animals in a human manner for relocation.

Even allowing a single squirrel the chance to hang out in your home is an invitation for disaster. Before long, it is likely that a squirrel family will result. A female squirrel can have two litters a year, each producing 4-8 babies. They all will want to make your house their home. While you could try trapping them on your own, most people fail to take care of the main issue-;closing off the entry point for the squirrels to your home.

A skilled Squirrel Removal Connecticut services understands the behavior of the creatures, and this goes a long way to their humane capture and the prevention of infestation. Traps are placed at specific points that are sure to capture the attention of the furry freeloaders. These traps are designed to be as free from cruelty as possible. Once they are apprehended the squirrels are taken to a pre-designated area to be released.

At this point, the company will close all areas that were used by the squirrels to gain access to your home. This involved more than simply blocking an entry site: A metal plate is often used to prevent squirrels from chewing back into the area. Never use a company that poisons or kills the captured creatures. Why would you do this if there are humane methods readily available from places like Triple AAA American Exterminators?


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