FAQs About Landscape Design In New Canaan, CT

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Landscaping

In Connecticut, property owners hire landscapers that create sophisticated designs to improve their home and make it more pleasant. The landscaping designs can provide a relaxing oasis for total relaxation at the end of a hectic day. A local landscaping firm can answer questions about a Landscape Design in New Canaan CT now.

Will the Designer Clean Out Existing Landscaping?

Yes, the landscaping designers will remove all the plants, trees, and other items that are inside the area in which the design is installed. They will eliminate these items from the property and conduct demolition when necessary to remove existing structures. They need the space cleaned out completely before they start the installation process.

What Type of Treatments are Used for the Lawn and Plants?

The landscaper could present a multitude of treatments that improve the lawn and the landscaping designs. These treatments could include nutrients that are needed by the plants to remain healthy, and an irrigation system could assist in the distribution of these treatments. The landscaper can also provide chemicals that prevent the grass from turning brown and enable the plants to thrive for a longer duration.

Are the Designs Limited to Indigenous Plants?

No, the landscapers can introduce any type of plants into the landscaping design concept; however, they must test the soil to determine if the more exotic plants can grow in this area. Their assessments determine if plants that aren’t in the area normally will remain healthy in the soil and the local climate.

Do Landscapers Provide Pest Control?

Yes, select landscaping companies provide pest control for the lawn and landscaping concepts. These services are based on the type of pests that are around the property and how they could affect the landscaping. Chemical treatments, as well as clean-up efforts, can prevent pest infestations.

In Connecticut, property owners hire landscapers to improve the way their home will look overall. By adding plants and flowers, the property is more attractive and more valuable due to its curb appeal. Property owners who want to acquire a Landscape Design in New Canaan CT can contact Giglio Landscape Services LLC for more info now.

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