Exploring Alternatives to Traditional Roof Shingles

Traditional roof shingles are being upgraded in favor of roofing materials and styles that are unique and help personalize your house. As far as price is concerned, asphalt shingles are still quite popular on the market. Newer roofing styles are becoming more noticeable since they can offer money saving incentives that make it worthwhile to have a new roof put on your home. If you are ready to replace the roof on your house, be sure to contact a professional roofing contractor to find out the type of roof that best suits your needs concerning your area.

Consider the Life-Cycle of a New Roof

In general, a determining factor concerning having a new roof installed should be the life-cycle. You want to be sure that your new alternative roof has a long life, and protects your home during the duration. Newer roofing shingles can be expensive but do not require very much maintenance, and have a long life expectancy verses others. Generally an asphalt roof will last for around twenty years, while metal roofs last for fifty years. You should also base the type of roof you want to invest in based on how many years you plan on living in your home. Compare the age of your roof and the cost of roofing materials when deciding on whether you want more expensive roofing shingles.

New Roofing Options

Newer roofing options can have advantages over traditional styles that include noise insulation and long warranties. Some new looks are even more contemporary and make a roof look polished and trendy. The new eco-shake roofing is eco-friendly and more affordable. It requires no maintenance and lasts a long time too.  Rubber roofs are commonly installed on flat surfaces where there is a chance that water may stand. The installation is simple yet effective. Metal is known to be one of the strongest materials available in the roofing industry. Metal roofs themselves are becoming popular fast since they come with a warranty that lasts for fifty years. The styles of metal roofs are very vast which ensures you have a large selection in which to choose. It is amazing what can be done to help homeowner’s save money on roofing costs. When you contact a professional roofing contractor, be sure to ask about money saving options that are cost-effective well into the future. Enjoy exploring all of your new options that are sure to spark your interest and give you better options that traditional roofing.

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