Experienced Contractors Offering Exterior Painting and Deck Refinishing Services in Louisville

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Home Improvement

Exterior painting in Louisville is one of the essential factors to be considered for protecting your home. For the same, it is good to seek help from a professional painting service provider as they what to do and how to do. Prior to starting the project, there are several other things to be taken into account and can be accomplished with assistance from an expert.

It is better to discuss your requirements with the service provider so they can plan out the thing in a better way. If required, ask for their previous work records as an assurance about their services. When you are spending money, it is obvious to think about how they would carry out the entire project. A professional exterior painting service provider in Louisville is likely to follow the steps in general.

Steps for effective exterior painting services

1. Washing and bleaching: First step in the process of exterior painting services is washing your home with bleaching powder. This is done to ensure that various obstructions such as wasp nest, algae, dirt etc are removed completely. Even after doing the thing, there might be existence of mildew or other things and so ensure that your service provider is taking care of that by washing the area again.

2. Painting: After washing the area completely, next step here is painting services. It is to be noted that painting is usually done twice by a service provider. Check if your exterior painting service provider in Louisville offers the same. They are likely to put loose paint using metal paint and sharp scraper at first as a way for applying primer later on.

3. Caulking and priming: Final step in the process is exterior painting services are caulking as well as priming. Exterior painting gets good response when applied these two processes. Though a service provider waits for the areas to dry out yet you check if the procedure has been carried out exactly the same. Hence, your house can look extremely well if all the steps are carried out effectively.

Deck Refinishing services in Louisville

Deck refinishing is one of the good methods for preserving your deck and also to ensure that it remains safer. It can even increase the appeal of your backyard by transforming its color after a certain period. A deck refinishing project undertaken by many service providers in Louisville include deep cleaning, staining, repairing etc. It is important to refinish your deck as a form of protection for upcoming years but is often neglected by many homeowners.

Presently decks are designed with pine, redwood, cedar etc and are therefore can lose its charm over the years. UV rays, water, molds, etc are some of the elements to destroy overall appearance of the deck. Calling a service provider for undertaking deck refinishing project in Louisville can help in correcting such issues and preserve it from further complications. Hence, it is must to seal your deck after 2 to 3 years to maintain its charm throughout.

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