Everything to Know About Getting Siding Replacement in Post Falls, ID

The siding on your home protects your home and contributes to its curb appeal. Your siding’s life expectancy varies greatly based on the siding material and the local environmental conditions, but all siding will need to be repaired or replaced over time. Learn more about getting siding replacement in Post Falls, ID.

How Siding Gets Damaged

Your house’s siding encounters significant stress from outside elements, such as wind, hail, rain, UV rays, and more. The UV rays can diminish the color of the siding and warp the material. Rain can cause water damage, mold, and pest infestation. Wind can cause the siding material to become loose, and hail can create dents in the material. Your siding may also endure external trauma, such as damage from a fallen tree branch.

Siding Repair Vs. Siding Replacement

Minor damage to new siding may be best treated with siding repair. However, if the damage affects a larger area or all of the material has made it past its expected life expectancy, it can make more sense to replace the entire siding.

Scheduling Siding Replacement in Post Falls, ID

When you notice damage to your siding, you’ll want to schedule an appointment for a professional siding inspection. A technician can examine your siding to provide you with a professional opinion and a quote for the desired work.

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