Electrical Plano Emergency Power Systems

by | Aug 31, 2012 | Electrical

Emergency power systems provide backup power when the normal source fails. They are used extensively in homes, hospitals, data centers, telecommunication facilities and other critical installations where electrical in Plano cannot be done without. The primary source of emergency standby power is a generator however fuel cells and deep cycle batteries can also be an alternative source of power.

Most backup power systems are found in buildings of some sort. Mains power, although extremely reliable can and does break down at times. The causes are power lines that are knocked out during inclement weather, a failure of some piece of equipment in a substation, planned blackouts and as happened on the East coast, a grid failure. Regardless of the cause, electrical in Plano can be restored by the use of an emergency power system.

Generators are by far the most popular method of providing electrical in Plano backup. Normally generators, or gen sets as they are commonly called are diesel engine operated but smaller units such as those found in the home are gasoline engine powered. As both of these engines cause pollution to some extent they must be installed outdoors. Other methods such as deep cycle batteries are non polluting and can be installed indoors.

Gen sets are automatic, there is a transfer switch where one side of the switch is connected to both the mains power and emergency power feeds and the other side of the switch is connected to the load which has been designated as necessary in the event of a power failure. Usually heavy consumers such as air conditioning will not be on the emergency circuit as the size of the generator would be excessive. When the electrical Plano system fails the transfer switch uses a solenoid to throw the source from mains to emergency and at the same time a battery operated starter fires up either the diesel or gasoline powered engine. These operations bring the systems emergency circuits alive.

Emergency power and emergency lights are different. The emergency electrical Plano power provides power to existing fixtures, outlets and equipment. Emergency lights are battery powered and the battery is kept in the charged condition from the mains current. Lights that are kept alit by the emergency power supply are usually exit signs, lights in mechanical equipment rooms and enough lights to provide a safe path to an exit. Equipment which is normally on the emergency circuit will be fire alarms, fire sprinkler pumps, smoke evacuation fans, elevators, handicap doors and in hospitals the life support systems and monitoring equipment.

In the aviation industry the generator is the primary source of power for mission critical apparatus such as instrument landing aids, mains power then becomes the backup in the event the generator fails. This is done because even the slightest delay in getting the power back up due to bringing the generator up to speed is not acceptable.

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