Dumpster Rental in Shreveport, LA Can Remove All of Your Scrap Metal

Many people and businesses in Shreveport, LA find they have scrap metal they need to dispose of, because this metal is nothing but trouble laying around or stacked up. It is a hazard in the way of rebuilding efforts and an open invitation to negligence lawsuits. The best way and the safest way to dispose of any scrap metal including Scrap boilers is to rent a dumpster from a company that will haul the scrap metal away. Disposing of scrap metal by having a recycling facility pick it up is not only clearing your property of the scrap, but it is putting it to use in saving the environment.

Scrap metal has many uses and every ton of recycled steel saves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,300 pounds of coal and 106 pounds of limestone. Additionally, there is an energy savings in transporting the raw materials to their destination and in making a product.

Scrap steel reduces related air pollution, water pollution, and mining wastes by about 70%. It takes four times as much energy to make steel from virgin ore. Annually, enough energy is saved by recycling steel to supply the city of Los Angeles with almost a decade worth of electricity. (Source: National Polymers Inc.)

A Dumpster rental in Shreveport, LA can expedite the removal of scrap metal to a facility that is capable of processing ferrous and nonferrous metals. You can be confident in the ability of the receiving scrap yard to expeditiously process your scrap metal and turn it into the form that is ready for the smelting process within hours after receiving it. A scrap boiler can be crushed and shredded in a matter of minutes.

Dumpsters are available to handle any amount of scrap you may have, and if one dumpster isn’t enough, then more than one can be supplied. Dumpster rental in Shreveport, LA is prepared for handling any amount of scrap metal you need to dispose of.

Aluminum cans are an interesting object of the recycling process. When an aluminum can is thrown away, it is throwing away the equivalent amount of energy as filling up that can with gasoline and pouring it on the ground. In as few as 60 days a recycled aluminum can will be back on the store shelf as a new can. Dumpster rental in Shreveport, LA handles aluminum cans.

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