Don’t Risk Doing Your Own Opossum Removal in Dublin, OH

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Pest Control

If you just look at one when it’s calm, the opossum is actually quite a cute little creature. It’s fuzzy and looks like something that it might be fun to pet. They’re also typically fairly shy and prefer to avoid confrontations with humans whenever they can. This doesn’t mean that you should just go ahead and corner it, however, figuring that it will be too shy to retaliate. If the animal feels genuinely endangered, it may strike out and there are occasional cases of these animals carrying diseases like rabies, as well as ticks that can carry a variety of other dangerous pathogens.

When you hire a Certified Wildlife Specialist, you can feel confident that the problem will be handled professionally and humanely. Their approaches are designed to allow them to capture the creature without putting the animal or the humans in the area in any danger. This kind of opossum removal Dublin OH is preferable to approaches that involve hurting or poisoning the animal. This is for humane reasons, and also because sick or injured animals are even more dangerous, and a poisoned one could die and begin to decay in places that are extremely difficult to reach.

A specialist can also help you to deal with the lingering damage that the animal may have caused. By itself, opossum removal Dublin OH is not enough to put things right. The animals may tear up property and leave solid waste and urine behind that is both unpleasant and unsanitary. It’s helpful to have someone on your side who knows how to assess the situation and to begin taking steps to get everything cleaned up so that your house can be put back in good order.

The specialists from The Wildlife Control Company, Inc also perform an important service by assessing your home and the likely points of entry. Where one animal has already found its way in, it is virtually certain that others will eventually follow. In fact, this may happen as soon as any others living in the area realize that your home is no longer being occupied by its former inhabitant and space has become available. A professional can help you to identify and to seal these holes, so that your problem doesn’t come back almost immediately. Contact us to learn more about what to expect during a visit and how they can help.

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