Doing Silverfish Extermination in Brick NJ

When a homeowner discovers they have a silverfish infestation inside of their abode, it is likely they will want to take immediate steps in eradicating these pests for good. There are several tasks that can be taken to aid in minimizing the number of these creatures present within a home. Here are some tips to consider.

Use Paper To Attract Insects

Silverfish enjoy paper products. If they are moist, they are even more attractive to these insects. Roll up a magazine or newspaper and secure it with rubber bands. Spray the paper with water and set it in a spot where these insects were noticed. The next day, retrieve the paper and dispose of it by burning it or placing it in a plastic garbage bag. Doing this for several days can aid in minimizing the silverfish population in a home.

Try Trapping Silverfish Inside Of A Jar

Silverfish will congregate in spots where food is readily available. A piece of bread can be placed inside of a glass jar to attract insects. The jar should be wrapped with a piece of tape from the lid to the bottom portion on the exterior of the container. It should then be positioned in a spot in the home where insects were previously seen. The silverfish will gain entry to the bread. However, they will be unable to walk back out of the container because of the slick surface of the interior.

Call A Professional To Tend To The Job

A professional pest control service will be able to do a complete Silverfish Extermination in Brick NJ. This is the best way to ensure the structure is free of these insects in completeness. This type of service will also help the homeowner by recommending changes they can make to specific portions of their home to keep silverfish from returning. Since silverfish tend to stay in areas where moisture is present, drying areas within the home can be beneficial. This can be done with help from a dehumidifier, fans, and dissidents. Contact Dynamic Pest Control to schedule a Silverfish Extermination in Brick NJ if needed.

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