Do You Have a Flat Roof? Four Signs That You Should Consider Repair

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Roofing Contractor

There are many advantages to having a flat roof on your home, but these types of roofs also may need repair work from time to time. If you have a flat roof and live in Atlanta, here are some signs you should look out for so that you can know if you need an Atlanta flat roof repair.

Moss Growth

Moss can wreak havoc on any type of roof and is often the result of excessive moisture that has been allowed to sit because of inadequate roofing materials. Moss growth may be especially prevalent if the roofing materials have started to rot. Good Housekeeping recommends not removing the moss yourself and calling a professional instead to avoid doing any further damage to your roof.

Water Pooling

Your flat roof should be able to repel water from rain and other moisture, and there could be problems if you notice any pools of water on your roof. This may be especially true if the puddles are still present after 48 hours.

Tears in Material

If you notice tears in your roof’s material, you should schedule to have repair work done as soon as possible. These tears could allow moisture to leak beneath the surface of your roof and cause more problems. One of the best places to look for tears is along your roof’s seams.


Moisture that seeps under your roof’s top materials can create bubbles that resemble blisters. These bubbles may still be present even after the moisture has evaporated. Your roof layering materials might start to separate if these bubbles aren’t repaired by replacing the materials with other materials that have a tighter water seal.

Addressing any problems as soon as possible can help save your roof and preserve the rest of your home’s structure. By making yourself aware of these problems early on, you’ll have an easier time finding the right contractor to do the necessary Atlanta flat roof repair work.

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