Contact a Metal Roofer in Denton TX for Your Home Improvements

What do you want to change about your home? Would you like one of the new roofs that saves energy? Do you know that a metal roof installed today will last up to 45 years? Have you heard that a metal roof can be installed over your old roof? No land fill for your old asphalt roof; just a warmer home when the brand new roof is placed over top of the old one. It’s going to lower your attic temperatures in the middle of summer over 50 degrees. Think of the energy savings you’ll have when the air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard. You’re going to love having lower utility bills.

When you call the Metal Roofer in Denton TX, he’s going to show you the pictures of homes his company has recently completed. The metal roofs come in different colors so you don’t have to have a green or brown asphalt roof like everyone else has. You can order a bright blue, beautiful red, Earth green, soft slate blue and other colors. Another good thing about a metal roof is that if you get bored with the color after it’s been on the roof for quite a while, it can be painted.

Contact Texas Energy Savers and you’ll find a group of roofers and contractors ready to install beautiful windows, decks, roofs, siding and patio covers for you. Considering that a home is practically left on its own to the elements, whether a snow or hail storm, the heat of the sun, rain and wind, it’s also a sitting duck for insects such as termites. A termite can not eat through a metal roof. If a home has vinyl siding on it, a termite won’t want to eat through vinyl. Homeowners can expect vinyl siding to last much longer than wood siding and it needs less maintenance.

With a metal roof and vinyl siding, a homeowner has already made two excellent choices. Whether you own a home or mobile home that needs a new roof or a business that needs a new roof, join with others in Denton and call for an estimate. If you’d like a new cool cover over top of your porch or patio, call the number on the website or click the ‘contact us’ button for more information on the type of home improvement you need.

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