Cleaning Up Water Damage in Escondidio

by | May 8, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

When water from a flood or broken water pipe gets into a home or other building, it can make a terrible mess. How extensive the Water Damage Escondido is determines how difficult this will be to clean up. The first step to cleaning up after water damage has occurred is taking inventory on what items can be saved and what cannot. Once those things have been removed from your home or business, it will be easier to see the full extent of the damage.

The most common damage that occurs due to excessive water is damage to the floors and walls. if floors are concrete with carpeting or laminate floors over them, you may be able to remove the floor coverings without having to replace the entire floor. However, if the building has wood flooring under the floor coverings, there may be damage done that requires replacement of some or all of the floor.

Most of the time, any walls that have been damaged by water must be torn out and replaced. Even if it is only a few feet from the bottom up, the entire wall will need replacing to prevent the growth of unhealthy mold in the home. Walls that are made of drywall or paneling can receive serious damage with only small amounts of water.

Depending upon how high the water has risen, ceilings may also need to be replaced. Ceilings are normally made of lightweight drywall or tiles. These are not able to withstand a tremendous amount of water. If the damage is light, it may be possible to allow them to dry and them paint them with special paint that covers water spots.

Water Damage Escondido can also wreak havoc on the plumbing in a home or business building. If the flooding is due to a break in the plumbing lines, these will need to be repaired quickly to prevent any further damage. If it is due to rain and flooding from the weather, you may or may not have to replace all of the plumbing depending on how much damage is done and what type of pipes the plumbing consists of.


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