Choosing the Right Glass for a Patio Door

There’s no doubt that the right Patio Door is an asset to the home. Doors of this type make it easy to move back and forth between the inside and the outside. As part of the process of selecting the right door, it pays to pay close attention to the type of glass used in the design. Here are some examples of features that should be included.

Shatterproof Glass

As a safety feature, it helps to purchase a Patio Door that includes the use of shatterproof glass. Glass of this type is treated using chemicals that help to reinforce the product. Some include the use of resins in between two layers of glass to ensure the structure remains intact even after some sort of high impact cracks the glass. This type of glass is actually more than a safety feature. It also provides a measure of security. Burglars who attempt to break through the glass will have a harder time of gaining access to the home. That means precious minutes that allow the authorities to arrive and catch the thief in the act of attempting to break in.

Tinted Glass

Another feature to consider is the use of tinted glass for the door. This approach can help to block some of the ultraviolet rays from the sun, and reduce the amount of fading to carpeting and upholstery. At the same time, the tinting will not block the view. This means anyone inside can still look out and see what is happening in the back yard.

Frosted Glass

For people who like the idea of privacy but still want some natural light to enter the home, using frosted glass for the door is a good idea. With this approach, the glass cannot be seen through with ease. At the same time, light can still filter through. The result is the best of both worlds, since it is still possible to see if someone is at the door, but that individual will find it more difficult to see what is happening inside.

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