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Traditional box spring sets are preferred by many buyers and are considered the most common type of mattress. For many, however, they’re somewhat uncomfortable and the inner metal coils place an irritating amount of pressure on the body. Sleepers who dislike firm mattresses would do well to invest in a memory foam or gel foam bed set, which offers softness, reliability, and numerous health benefits. You deserve a full, revitalizing rest each night. But, if you’re struggling to find a comfortable position on an old or hard mattress, you’re probably not getting the sleep you need.

Advanced Comfort
Memory foam makes the best mattress set for sleepers who experience chronic or morning pain and soreness. The flexible viscoelastic material provides all-over support and keeps your muscles and joints safely cushioned. For this reason, foam has become a popular substitute for standard mattresses that offer very little support. How an individual prefers to sleep each night is relative; however, many agree that memory foam offers a soothing sleeping experience. No one wants to wake up each morning still feeling tired and unprepared for the day ahead. Falling asleep, remaining asleep, and waking up energized are much easier with the right mattress.

Temperate Sleeping Space
Gel foam is another alternative to coil mattress sets, and provides a lot of the same benefits as traditional memory foam as well as a few extras. Gel mattresses are comprised of gel beads and memory foam material that not only adjusts to your shape, but helps keep you cool during the night. Some sleepers prefer gel foam to memory foam, as the latter has a tendency to provide a warmer sleeping experience. Rather than absorb and hold body heat, the gel beads act as heat dissipaters. This feature creates the best mattress set for sensitive sleepers who prefer a cool atmosphere while resting.

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