Chimney and Fireplace Cleanings in Great Falls

Each time you burn a fire in the fireplace, there is a layer of creosote that builds up inside of the chimney. Over time when if you neglect appropriate Fireplace Cleaning in Great Falls, the buildup of creosote, which is carbon monoxide increases. It can be dangerous for your family to breath in the particles of creosote that will seep out and flow through the air.

It is recommended that a fireplace and the chimney be cleaned and inspected at least once each year to prevent the possibility of a chimney fire. An inspection is also important to make sure there are no animals nesting in the chimney, which can cause a blockage in the chimney. A professional chimney sweep has the correct tools and equipment to effectively clean the chimney.

A chimney cleaning service will also look for problems with the flue tiles, such as cracking as well as check for any missing mortar joints. It is important to keep in mind that although Fireplace Cleaning in Great Falls is important, cleaning the fireplace is a different task than chimney cleaning.You should do a thorough Fireplace Cleaning in Great Falls at least once each year. It should be cleaned during the warm months to ensure it is ready to be used during the winter. The flue and damper should be checked each time the fireplace is used. It is recommended that you hire a professional fireplace and chimney cleaning company; however, you can clean the fireplace yourself if you use the proper precautions.

Before cleaning the fireplace you should put on protective eye wear and protective clothing. Make sure to remove all accessories from the fireplace, including the wood tray, screens and poker set. It is recommended that you place an old sheet or painters drop cloth in front of the fireplace to prevent spreading soot on the flooring. Remove all of the large debris first and then use a fireplace broom or vacuum to remove the ashes from the walls, ceiling and floor of the firebox. Use a scrub brush and warm soapy water to clean the brick and rinse with clean, cool water.To know more visit domain URL

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