Call a Garage Door Company Near Lincoln NE to Fix a Broken Spring or Cable

by | Apr 30, 2024 | Garage

Nebraska winters are cold and snowy. During this time the garage door is often the primary access point to the house. Homeowners and their family love the convenience of staying warm in their car while they use an automatic garage door opener to get inside. If they keep their snow blower inside the garage, then that door has to open to get them plowed out and on their way to work and school. If the garage door breaks at any time of the day, it’s critical that they can call a garage door company near Lincoln NE to come out and repair it.

Many people don’t have generous time-off benefits anymore. So they need a garage door repair company that will be there when they say they will. While most companies have a 4-hour window for appointments, there are companies that will work within a 2-hour window. That can mean the difference between a half a day away from the office and using a full personal day. Since garage doors are access points into a home, it’s also good to know if the company has strict hiring policies. A background check will find out if the employee has been convicted of any crimes such as breaking and entering. Many companies also require employees to pass drug tests several times a year. These screenings will make homeowners feel secure when these technicians are repairing access points to their home.

A broken garage door that won’t close is a definitely security issue. Items stored in the garage are at risk. Many builders install cheap doors with flimsy locks between the house and garage. They believe that secure garage doors will protect the area. Generally when a garage door won’t open or close, the spring is to blame. Most garage door repair technicians arrive with a service truck filled with the commonly used springs. These ensure a speedy repair. Of course if a homeowner knows their garage door has a non-standard spring, they should mention this when they call. Homeowners may want to ask the technician about an annual garage door inspection. This will ensure that the garage door cables, tracks, springs, panels and hinges are always in working condition. For more information visit their website at

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