Benefits Offered by Metal Recycling in Atlantic City

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Waste Management

Individual consumers, as well as small and large businesses, use and then throw out millions of tons of various metal products each and every year. These items include everything from a giant vehicle to a small beverage can. In fact, it is estimated that there are about 150 million tons of metal recycled each year, which comprises almost half of the metal in the entire world. When you participate in Metal recycling in Atlantic City, there are a number of benefits offered, which are highlighted here.

Environmental Benefits

When you recycle metal, there are a number of environmental benefits offered. When you compare recycling with making the products from the actual recycled metal, the development of new metal that is mined from ore will release a much larger amount of emissions forming greenhouse gases. This can influence things such as a change in the climate and may also create dangerous levels of pollution in the air, which can result in respiratory issues for residents.

Conservation of Energy

When you participate in Metal recycling in Atlantic City, it will help to conserve energy which would be used for drilling the ore, for the refining of the actual metal and any of the other processes that are necessary from manufacturing the metal.

Conservation of Ore

With the amount of metal ore limited, recycling can be extremely beneficial. When you take time to participate in Metal recycling in Atlantic City, then it will reduce the total amount of virgin ore that is needed and that needs mining. In fact, according to a study, recycling up to one pound of aluminum will save as much as four pounds of the bauxite ore and recycling steel will conserve up to one and a quarter pounds of ore.

Financial Advantages

When you recycle metal it will create as much as 36 times the number of jobs than when you send the exact same amount to the incinerator, as well as six times more than sending the various types of metal to the landfill.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits offered by metal recycling. Additionally, when you do this, you can use Dumpster rental services to store the metal until it is ready to go to the recycling plant. This is beneficial for a number of purposes, which are highlighted here.

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