Basic Knowledge of LoE Windows Houston

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Doors

If you are considering LoE Windows Houston then there are few basics that should be covered before you talk to your local representative or professional contractor that can do this job for you. Knowing the pros and cons of the windows as well as knowing about the installation process will help you make an informed decision about what having low thermal emissivity windows will do for your home.

Technically speaking LoE or Low E windows are something of a insulation for your windows. Typically your basic windows are not doing anything for the insulation of your home. They are letting through whatever the outside forces of nature are doing and are acting as a conductor. With the Low E windows you can retain the solar energy that is being reflected onto your glass. By using the energy supplied by the sun you can lower electrical bills as well as maintain some sort of a privacy window on your bigger glass doors if desired.

Unfortunately, when you are thinking about doing something with the windows or doors of your home, there is a not typically an easy or cheap way to do it. There is a material on the market that acts like a tinting for windows but it will not give you exact results you are looking for and will get with an official LoE windows Houston. The tinting in your car is more permanent while when it the same concept is placed on home windows you will get peeling and bubbling. The only way to achieve the desired result of true low thermal emissivity is to have the windows and doors specifically made and installed for your home.

A Low E glass that is made is made in a factory with an invisible metal or metalic oxide coating.This is what helps reflect the unwanted heat or cold from getting in your home while still allowing the light to come in through the windows. Not only do the desired results help in the energy efficiency of a home but it also helps reduce the fading of floors, furniture and window treatments that are in the direct sunlight.

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