Are Inground Pools the Right Investment?

Household owners who are confronted with the need to decide whether to dig a hole in the backyard to accommodate an in-ground pool or simply buy an above ground pool they can easily dismantle when they get tired of it need to consider several factors before making a choice. The major factor that is always considered is price. Inground swimming pools in Michigan significantly cost more when compared with above ground pools because they would require the expertise of professional pool builders in the installation process. You simply cannot just buy an in-ground pool and use DIY techniques in installation since it needs the experience and skills for purposes of safety and durability.

A comparison between above ground and Inground Swimming Pools in Michigan

An in-ground pool is a permanent investment that adds value and cosmetic appeal to a home. Many home buyers are attracted by swimming pools, hence, the obvious increase in resale value; however, there are some people whose concern is safety especially when there are little children. Safety concerns are successfully addressed by in-ground pools with the addition of pool enclosures like fences and gates. To make sure that that no one will be tempted to try the waters when there is no adult supervision, gate alarms can be installed. In above ground pools, you simply remove the ladder and no one can access the pool.

If you are swimmer, you certainly won’t find satisfaction in an above ground pool especially if you are fond of diving. An above ground pool has limited size and depth which doesn’t allow diving boards. The Inground Swimming Pools successfully address your needs to swim laps as they are more flexible. You can easily have your pool customized according to your ideas on design, shape and depth of the pool to provide you the utmost in entertainment and relaxation including exercise requirements.

Above ground pools are easier to maintain. They don’t require the services of professionals to do the cleaning, chemical balancing, and inspection of pipes and filters. Maintenance costs of in-ground pools can be staggering but it can be reduced if you make an effort to learn about chemicals and proper cleaning techniques. An investment in fiberglass pools will reduce your maintenance costs.

An above ground pool can be installed in backyards with limited space. They come in different sizes and shapes which will complement your limited environment. An in-ground pool requires more space but if you are considering something that is attractive and appealing with different features like fountains, waterfalls and diving boards, you certainly won’t get the satisfaction from above ground pools. An in-ground pool can be transformed into your private paradise to complement the beautiful landscape.

An in-ground swimming pool is a permanent addition to your backyard. It certainly takes a lot of space and if you decide later on that you want to change the landscape design of your backyard, you need to work around the swimming pool. Once you have an in-ground pool, it is there to stay but it guarantees you a long term fun and enjoyment.


Having Inground Swimming Pools in Michigan can help you beat the summer heat but you need to consider all pros and cons to have no later regrets. For professional installation services, visit

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