Anderson Windows in Waukesha Wisconsin Provide Authentic Styles for Queen Anne Homes

Specific historical styles of homes require specific window and door designs to maintain authenticity. Not everyone is willing to give up convenience for authenticity, however. For instance, a Queen Anne home technically should not have a sliding patio door, but some homeowners choose to have one installed anyway. People dedicated to historical integrity may choose a supplier of Anderson Windows in Waukesha Wisconsin and select products from the architectural collection or others that do not clash with the defined residential design.

The Style

The Queen Anne home design originated in Victorian times and became especially prevalent in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They are quite large, with two or three stories. Today, even when brand new houses are built in this style, many homeowners don’t want to compromise on the details.

The style is ornate with sparse areas of flat walls. Instead, the homes feature towers, multi-sided porches, and rooms that extend beyond the main exterior wall. The floor plan and exterior features all hearken back to a long-ago time, which is why the more modern window and door designs are not complementary to the houses.

The Main Window Features

Anderson Windows in Waukesha Wisconsin that are double-hung will be the main choice in replacement windows for homeowners who prefer products from this manufacturer. Decorative grille patterns are common in the upper sash. Towers with three double-hung windows and floor plans with three tall windows at corners give the illusion of bay windows, but true bay windows also are authentic for Queen Anne homes.

Exterior and Interior Doors

Doors are available from this manufacturer as well. Queen Anne homes commonly have double doors for exterior entry points and for certain rooms, such as the dining room, a music room or a formal living room. If the homeowner wants to have a patio or deck in back, double doors can be installed there by a company such as Siding Unlimited as an alternative to the modern sliding glass door. Exterior and interior doors typically include windows on top or full-length glass. Curtains or blinds can be hung over the windows for privacy. Contact us to get started.

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