Advantages of Installing Access Control Chicago

by | Nov 12, 2013 | Locksmithing

When it comes to protecting your belongings, Access Control Chicago offers a number of advantages over traditional keys and locks. They provide limited access to rooms, or entire buildings. Some of the other advantages of access control systems are highlighted here.

Difficult to Duplicate

There is no question that physical keys are able to be duplicated very easily. Electronic key duplication takes a much higher level of expertise and sophistication to duplicate. This makes any building with Access Control Chicago much more secure than the use of traditional keys.

Avoid the Necessity of Changing the Locks

When you install access control panels, you will never have to change the locks. If a person with a keycard to the control panel ever loses it, it is easily removed from the existing database and a new one can be quickly issued. Additionally, if you have a worker that is fired or quits, you can immediately remove their ability to access the building. This will reduce your exposure risk by a significant amount.

Reduction of Necessary Keys

When you allow Business Name to install an access control system to your building you will no longer have to keep up with countless keys to your building. You can have a single key or code to gain access to each door that you need to get through.

Log of Access History

The use of an access control panel means that you have a complete history of the people that have accessed the building or a certain room. This is a truly invaluable tool when it comes to cases of vandalism or even theft.

Customizable Service for Each User

You can set each person’s access key to their personal level of clearance. This means that you will not run the risk of workers that should not be in a certain area, entering. It will also reduce issues that exist among workers, as each person will have a customized level of access.

An electronic access control system offers you a number of benefits and advantages that can provide additional security for your building. Additionally, you no longer have to worry about many different keys when trying to go to different areas of your building.

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