Able Lock Shop Offers Master Key Systems in Suffolk County, NY

Commercial establishments, whether offices, warehouses, or retail stores serving customers, have a need for numerous locks throughout their buildings. Main entrance doors, storage areas, and special work areas that can only be accessed by certain people need locks to keep the contents safe and unauthorized people out of the area. Many businesses find that master key systems offer the best locking options for owners, managers and employees.

What are the benefits of a master key system?

A master key system differs from traditional locking mechanisms in that it allows multiple keys to open the same lock rather than assigning one key to one lock. The system makes it easy for a company to give different employees access to the areas in which they need to work without burdening them with rings full of keys. Some examples of businesses that would benefit from Master Key Systems in Suffolk County NY would be apartment rental companies or individual landlords who rent out building space. Maintenance managers charged with overseeing office building cleaning teams also benefit from the use of master keys.

How does a master key work?

It doesn’t seem possible that two different keys could open one lock but, with a master key system, it is. A master key system uses the basic pin tumbler lock mechanism with an added master pin inside the mechanism to allow different keys to open a lock. When more essential master pins are added to the lock, that lock can be opened by even more keys. Master key systems can be expanded to include higher-level systems, known as grand master key systems, to open locks that are themselves part of master key systems.

How can a business install master key locks?

It isn’t difficult to set up and install a master key system in a business that has previously used traditional locks. Locksmith shops such as Able Lock Shop have the knowledge and expertise to advise businesses on how to determine which locks should have master key locks and how many locks can be opened by a specific key. A company looking for convenience and security in its lock system can get more information on Master Key Systems in Suffolk County NY at us You can also connect them on Facebook.

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