A Simple Guide to Choosing Replacement Windows in Louisville KY

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

So, a fierce storm has ripped through your neighborhood and you are now suffering from the outside chill because you need replacement windows in Louisville KY . Although you may think that replacement windows in Louisville KY are expensive, you can find affordable, durable options. The cost of heating and cooling may creep up unless you get new windows installed and the aesthetic appeal of your home will be lost unless you take action. By investing in suitable replacement windows in Louisville KY , you can increase the value of your home and prepare for any other storms that come your way.


Natural materials like wood will go with pretty much any color theme, and this is what makes wooden replacement windows in Louisville KY such a common choice. Natural insulation is provided by wood and although quite expensive, wood will add an element of beauty to your property. If you go for this option you should remember that wood requires quite a lot of maintenance. Unless you care for the new windows properly the material may crack, rot or change shape. When this happens you will need to pay for costly repairs and the temperature in your property may drop slightly.


A popular option for both commercial and residential buildings is metal. Metal replacement windows in Louisville KY are strong and are guaranteed to keep their condition for many years. There are a few different types of metal to choose between, with one of the best options being steel. Steel is very weather-resistant and this is why it is commonly used to build boats and ships. Alternatively, you may want to get aluminum replacement windows fitted. In this case, you can expect the aluminum to keep its condition for many years with no maintenance. This lightweight metal is extremely versatile and despite its weight, it is strong enough to withstand shrinking and warping.


One of the newest choices for replacement windows in Louisville KY is fiberglass. Fiberglass is known to be more enduring than any of the above materials however, the choice is not as varied. If you own a property with large bay windows then this would be a worthwhile option, simply because fiberglass can support very big panes of glass unlike lighter materials, like aluminum. Even though the choice is not that varied for fiberglass windows, they can be painted and there is a minimal chance of the paint flaking off.

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