A Reliable Fence Contractor in Milwaukee Can Help You With Measuring a Fence

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

A fence is an independent structure that is created to keep people from entering an area and to keep individuals inside an area. Fences are constructed for certain functions such as preventing trespassing; keeping small children and pets inside a yard; creating a boundary that distinguishes one property from the next; and providing privacy and security. Fences are built in different thicknesses and heights. There are different styles, colors, and materials available to suit the needs and budgets of the fence owner. A reliable Fence Contractor Milwaukee can help a person make these decisions based on experience and knowledge of the capabilities of manufacturing materials such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel and chain link. The different kinds of fences include chain-link fencing, picket fencing, and privacy fencing. You can install a good quality fence in the style you desire that will increase the functionality and market value of the place it’s installed onto.

Sometimes fencing needs to be replaced or repaired. A reputable Fence Contractor Milwaukee can do this or offer assistance. If you are going to be putting in a new fence, you will need to measure the area to be fenced. This will take a few steps and require a hammer, stakes, twine, and tape measure.

1. You will need to drive stakes into every corner where the fence will be located. Hold the stake with one hand while you drive it into the ground with a hammer in the other hand. Make sure it’s far enough in the ground to provide support.

2. Run twine between each consecutive post one after the other until all the posts are tied together with the twine. This will give you a visual of what the fencing will look like.

3. Measure the distance between every two consecutive posts until all sections are measured from end to end. Do not measure gates at this time.

4. Measure the areas for the gates. Account for the gate width and make considerations for the gate panels that will need to be added.

5. Add all the measurements together and add ten percent. You will need to do further calculations if you are using panels.

To figure the number of fence pickets for construction board by board, Click here to visit our site. This will give you contact information for a fencing contractor that can assist you with more difficult installations.

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