6 Questions to Ask a Home Renovation Service

Renovations raise the value of a property. But only when the project is done properly. Your hiring decision contributes to that result. If you’re looking for a general contractor or renovation firm, here are some questions you should ask to determine their fit for the project.

Are you licensed?

Before you hire a home renovation company in Indianapolis, find out if the company has a licensed general contractor. That’s an important consideration. Hiring someone with the skills means that you can count on them to complete the work without any problems.

What kind of insurance do you carry?

Is your contractor insured? If an accident happens, you could end up liable for hospital bills. A single bill could wipe out your savings, so this isn’t a step you want to skip. Make sure your contractor has liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. That protects both the contractor and you.

Will you obtain the permits?

Is your general contractor familiar with the local building code requirements in your area? What about the permitting process? You should hire someone who can handle getting the permits for you.

What is the project timeline?

If you have a certain date that you want the project to be completed, bring that up with the renovation company during your first consultation. That way, they can tell if they can work on those dates or if they’ve already been booked elsewhere.

Who will supervise the project?

You want to make sure the general contractor is doing a lot by monitoring the progress of the work and not just leaving everything to the rest of the crew.

What’s the payment schedule?

Agree on a payment schedule or milestone. If you don’t want to pay the full price before the project starts, then you can work out payment terms, due dates, key deliverables, and more Green Men Restoration Group.

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